2022 Council Elections

2022 Council Elections


With both online and telephone options available, voting in the 2022 Council Elections only takes a few minutes and you can cast your ballot anywhere, anytime.

To participate online, please enter your ID and PIN found in your elections package. Election packages were sent by email from vote@clearpicturevote.com or by mail if you have not provided your email address to PEO.

If you encounter any issues with submitting your ballot, please contact ClearPicture at 1-844-818-1774.

If you do not see the login button, then you are not using a valid URL.

Your Responses Are Strictly Confidential and Anonymous

  • All responses are completely anonymous.
  • No one at PEO will see, or have access to, individual responses.
  • All ballots will be submitted to ClearPicture, a research firm retained to conduct this vote.

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